This day is about you and your love for each other. I do things differently. The biggest thing I've heard from my previous couples is that they felt at ease in front of the camera. I want you to be the real You, let loose, be comfortable and have fun. I believe that the day of the wedding should not be orchestrated events. Weddings are all about love and having fun with your favorite people.

We will sit down and talk about what makes you comfortable, what you like and if there is anything you would like to avoid. I will use this as a foundation throughout the day. I will not pose you in standard poses, but I will guide you towards the best light and the ideal location.

This is the only time I will be guiding you. Other than that, I prefer to step back and let the magic happen.

- We will jump on a quick call (Zoom, Skype, Phone, FaceTime, or whatever works best for you). And just chat about what you are envisioning on your day, If you are in the Tennessee area, we can even meet in person!

- If both of us agree, that we are a good fit, I will send over a contract and an online invoice for a 50% retainer. These 2 things ensure that your data is locked on my calendar.

- If we have an engagement session, we will schedule it as soon as we can. I will also help you with finding all locations, choosing outfits, and even finding inspiration.

- 2 weeks before the wedding day, I will reach out to get all the remaining details of the timeline and to get the remaining invoice paid.


- Within 2 days, I will get back to you with 10-20 preview images

- All the images are delivered via an online gallery (usually about 2-6 weeks). And we get albums and prints sorted out.

- We stay in touch!

On average, couple end up spending 3-5K with us depending on travel and add-ons. I'm not trying to be your vendor, but rather a creative collaborator or one of the friends.

I work a lot better with couples who fully trust me and give me some freedom when it comes to images.

The biggest essential is connection.