Hello-hello! I'm Daria, I'm the face behind FallMarigold Photo, I also happen to be St Petersburg Couples, Wedding and Elopement photographer.

So a short story about how this photoshoot came to be. I found an absolutely gorgeous place in St Petersburg downtown on another photographer's page and I just had to do a photoshoot there.

Heather and Austin reached out to me before that for a different sort of photoshoot on the beach with their doggo (I might post photos later from that too.) But I always look for couples to just go and do a photoshoot in different places if I really feel the need to shoot at specific place. So I reached out to them and asked if they would be down to go to St Petersburg and do couples photoshoot. And they said "Yes"!

Fun fact, you might see photos when Austin just bolting out for the run and this is something he did himself.

Like, I've said before, I'm Daria, St Petersburg Engagement and Couples Photographer. And if you want to learn more about me or view more of my galleries, please click the buttons below. Or you can view full gallery🙂

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