Callie and Josh chose the gorgeous place for their engagement session - The War Memorial at Nashville. Honestly, this is one of the finest places to take any sort of photo. Although it was quite cold and gloomy on the day, we managed to capture some absolutely stunning images for their engagement session. You can also see that we just got a few cherry blossoms in as well. How cute is that?! (Honestly I was hoping we would get a bit more blossoming trees. But oh well, Nashville and its weather. What can I say?)

We had a total of 2 hours together and decided to go to the closest coffee shop that was open, but that didn't work out. We ended up taking some photos at one of the busiest intersections in the city. And called it a day.

Some things to know for your War Memorial Engagement Photos:

It would be best for you to arrive at the War Memorial earlier than expected. This is a very popular spot for tourists, couples, videographers and photographers. To give an approximate timeline idea, the shoot was on February 18th. We started at about 3pm and the War Memorial was nearly empty at that time. However, by about 4pm it had already begun to fill up. For photographers, editing other people out of their photos might not be a problem. You might need to wait for a spot to open. For example, we started with Callie and Josh in the center (first 2 photos) and within 30-40 minutes there were already 2 other couples waiting for the center spot to open. Also, sunset was about 5pm that day and starting at 3 worked really well for us.

Please enjoy these images and you can find the full gallery here and if you would me to be your wedding or engagement photographer, send me a message here.

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