Fall Creek Falls Elopement in Tennessee, Couple Kissing at Fall Creek Falls

Have you thought about elopement? Do you know that actually you don't need to drive far for a breathtaking view? Tennessee is surely beautiful! From Nashville, the capital of country music to Blue ridge mountain, you have so many options when you are planning your elopement in Tennessee. Here is your inspiration for holding your own Fall Creek Falls Elopement.

That was also my first ever Tennessee wedding/elopement, before I even moved full-time to Tennessee. And the timing was absolutely perfect! Trees were slowly turning all the fall colors and just look how photos came out!

Things to know for your Fall Creek Falls Elopement

This particular Elopement was held at the Secret Outlook. And it wasn't easiest place to find as a first time visitor, so I would strongly recommend having lots of signs to guide guests towards the Secret Outlook.

Definitely plan some extra time for photos! Fall Creek Falls is an absolutely gorgeous place with soooo many photo opportunities. There are so many falls to visit, big lake and lots of trails!

Wear comfortable shoes, maybe not heels. Park has some paved roads, but majority is very rocky and definitely not heel friendly.

Please book the Secret Outlook in advance, especially if you planning to get married/eloped during the fall season. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Tennessee and it's also the busiest. Photographers and venues are getting booked way in advance and it might be hard to find something last minute.

Don't plan on having lots of guests for Secret Outlook wedding/elopement. Sitting capacity is 50 people max. There is also a bit of a walk to the ceremony side. So please plan on that as well. If you have someone who needs assistant, I would strongly encourage you to contact rangers and see if they can be any of assistant.

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