These Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Photos absolutely melt my heart!

Sarah and Aaron wanted some classy downtown locations for their engagement photos. And we found the perfect place for it - the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN. Just look at the backdrop! The week before the photoshoot, it was promised that it would rain all day. But on the day of, the forecast changed and we had a window with no rain at all! We didn't get any sun unfortunately, but I believe gloomy/cloudy days only add a more city feel to downtown photos. We had a total of 2 hours together and then headed for more cozy photos to Aaron's Uncle's house and got some amazing photos there as well.


Please be aware that it is nearly impossible to get images with no people in it. However, you can always ask your photographer to edit people out of the photos.

Choosing neutral muted colors like black, brown, beige, gray, or white would be a good choice for outfits. My favorite advice I can give is to avoid big bold patterns. It's because patterns divert attention from you and your partner. For example, couples choose a combination of black and brown colors for their Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Photos. Sarah chose an all black outfit with simple heels (huge prompts to her for wearing heels, I would never be able to even walk 3 steps on them). And Aaron wore black pants, a blazer with some brown accents (how cool are his shoes, Btw!).

I would also recommend to arrive quite early, Nashville Pedestrian Bridge gets very busy closer to the evening. To give you an idea of the timeline, we started at 3pm and it was relatively empty, but closer to 4 pm is started to fill up.

Please enjoy these images and you can find the full gallery here and if you would me to be your wedding or engagement photographer, send me a message here.

Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Session with Sarah and Aaron, Fall Marigold Photography
Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Session with Sarah and Aaron, Fall Marigold Photography

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